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VIDEO: Redheads are Freaks of Nature

In a good way :)  
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Ben Stiller's "Female Viagra Commercial"

Lol.  Awkwardly funny.   
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Guy INTENTIONALLY Gets Bitten By Venomous Snakes

Why?  Watch.   // Man Uses Snake Venom For Vaccines For the past 16 years, this man has been trying to find a vaccine against the world's deadliest
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WARNING, GRAPHIC: Kid Has Ant Colony in His Ears

Pardon my French, but WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! According to the Times of India,1 2-year-old Shreya Darji has had 10 to 12 ants coming out of her ears every day since last...
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Woman Dances to Bieber to Induce Labor

Her name is Kortni McLady and she filmed the video at 5pm and  her water broke at 9pm.  Now, she has a beautiful baby boy named Fletcher James. Also lol at the cat at the end like...
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I 'fan-girl'd when I saw this.  AHHHHHHHHHHH!
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Grandpa Destroys TV Over Super Bowl Loss

Uhhhh.  Do I hear dueling banjos off in the distance? FAKE?   CONTAINS EXPLETIVES  
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The Worldwide First Play Of Demi Lovato's #stonecold just happened on ZHT with AJ!

Demi stopped by ZHT for this worldwide first radio play of her new single 'Stone Cold' // First play on the radio worldwide.... Thank you so much @971zht &...
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DOCUMENTARY: Diddy Had Tupac Killer

Whoa.  This is heavy.   MORE HERE 
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Senor Testiculo aka "Mr Balls" = CREEPY

This is real.  And really creepy.   FULL STORY FULL STORY     Meet Mr. Balls, Brazil's Disturbing New Testicular Cancer Mascot
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