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What were you caught at work doing?

What were you caught at work doing?

Making out in the back room.


Was on Facebook one time. Now I'm about to get fired


I was taking a nap on the toilet


One of my coworkers was caught stealing a scooter in a company van…


Getting busy in the prize closet. Oops ?


There was a guy I worked with that I caught in the bathroom doing heroin. And I work at a professional corporate company and majority of the employees are LDS.


Watching a movie in the lunch room. The boss wasn't supposed to be in that day! Had popcorn, burgers and a full on lay back day till he walked in wondering why nothing was getting done. All 8 employees


Walked in on a waiter, the cook and the hostess having a 3 some in the storage room


drinking on the job


Our pizza delivery drivers went and got them self something to eat on their delivery


I got caught applying for other jobs.

Drove 3 months without license


Sleeping under the clothes rack at Old Navy! 


I was caught having sex with the bosses daughter 


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