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Helpful Info

Hope Hotline

List of Forclosed Homes

If you need help getting out of a polygamist situation:
801-548-3492 dial 211- The information specialist can put you in touch with resources for the family

Health, illness, disease, drug releated:

Tranquility Place Utah
Tranquility Place providing new life for heroin and pain-pill dependency

LifeSource is a non-profit organization established in 2006 to fund healthcare-related projects.

A walk for Childhood Cancer

7 womens autoimmune problems doctors miss

Dr. Rory C. Reid, Ph.D. LCSW
Recognized as one of top 3 experts on Hypersexual Disorder (Sex Addiction). 
Click here to read more.

Click here to read more.
Click here to visit the website.

A way to check your hormone levels at home. Saliva test kit

Alzheimer's Disease: 5 Tips for Lowering Your Risk

The VA Salt Lake City Health Care System
Post Tramatic Stress Disorder
Wendy Hoyt. Ph.D, PC
Licensed Psychologist

How to turn stroke victims into stroke survivors

Childhood Stroke Information

Epilepsy Drugs Get Suicide Risk Warning


Genital Herpes Handbook

Veterans Health Administration


National AD/HD center

Info on Autism/Aspergers Syndrome
(To find out about Treatment of Autism with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy... Call SALT LAKE WOUND CARE 801-288-2273)

Autism/Aspergers Syndrome Support group

Proyecto Autismo Utah
5333 Ben Davis Park
Murray UT, 84123

Scientists find 'baffling' link between autism and vinyl flooring

Marbles for Miracles

Inhalant Prevention

Inhalant Abuse

Test your house for  Meth
ALS Datachem provides tests kits free of charge. When someone brings the test kit back in there is a $45.00 charge to run the test. The normal turn time is 4 working days. If there was a rush that was needed then it would be $90.00 for 2 working days. We are located at 960 W Levoy Dr. We are just west of ITT Tech, Just off of 4500 S. and Atherton Dr. The number here is 266-7700. If you have any additional questions you can email me at or you can call 904-4306.

Precision Health Services
Pulmonary therapy center
4885 S 900 E, Suite #107
Salt Lake City, UT 84117


I just wanted to give you some information for the guy whom called into your show Oct. 22cnd with issues of having constant kidney stones.  I have two really great resources for him.  The first is Herb Guru Al Garcia, he has over 63 Herb stores nationwide, and is really amazing at understanding the body..and has helped many people with kidney stone and many other health issues. His Herb store in SLC is on 90th S. 1300 W. and his phone number is 801-726-2680. The other name is Dr. Hugo Rodier at Pioneer Comprehensive Clinic (Draper Utah). He is an Integrated Wellness MD, and has a practice 3 days a week then teaches at the University of Utah. He is cutting edge with integrating wellness with nutrition, water, thoughts etc. and is a medical doctor that prescribes when necessary. You can tell him to reference my name and they both will take really good care of him. I'm confident they will be able to assist him in getting rid of this problem. (short tip; tap water is full of inorganic minerals that lead to kidney stones, cataracts, arthritis etc. research info on this through the Mayo Clinic). Not that this guy's problem is just tap water, but Al especially will "explain" it in detail as to what causes them and what he can do to get rid of the issues I'm sure.

Crime related:

Utah State Prisoner info

Salt Lake Co. info

Davis Co. info

National Victim Notification Network

Ut. Board of Pardons & Parole
Shanna Wettstein - Victim Coordinator

Victims Advocate: Jenny Lewis
Cottonwood Heights Police Depatment

Safety Tips to read

Depression & Grief:

How to Predict Postpartum Depression: Blood Test or Screening?

Uncomforting Things To Say To Someone Who Has Had A Loved One Die

Children related:

Child Safety Tips

Childrens Tumor Foundation

Parent's Guide to MySpace Safety

Jordan Recourse Center School
always in need of donations and volunteers

New booster seat law

More Booster Seat Info

Car Seat info

Car Seat Safety Video

Child Drowning Prevention

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

Monitor Your Kids

Child Internet Predator Protection Software

Utah Safety Council

How to Make the Most of Your Child's ADHD

Mandatory Third Party Testing for Certain Children’s Products Testing Labs to Send Your Products

Web protection software for parents

Buckle Up For Love
The Utah Safety Council is your complete resource for safety and health solutions. For over 70 years, the Utah Safety Council has devoted its efforts to “Making Utah a Safer Place to Live and Work.”


Facebook Search: Buckle Up For Love

To report a child not in their safety seat: 800-887-KIDS

Local Branch: 801-478-7898

Sex offender/Child Predator:

Internet Predators (Oprah)

Sex Offender Search

POM Sex Offender Locator

Protection tips for women

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

Monitor Your Kids

Child Internet Predator Protection Software

Earthquake info:

SLC Ground Shake File

Utah Home Buyer File

Wasatch Fault Guide

Groundshaking Map

More Earthquakes & Hazards in Utah

Utah Earthquake Handbook

Abuse releated

Abusive Relationships

Safe Harbor Domestic Violence Shelter
PO Box 772
Kaysville, UT 84037
Crisis (801) 444-9161
bus  (801) 444-3191
fax  (801) 444-9170

ID Theft & Fraud:

ID Theft Info

Insurance Fraud Investigator

Rental Protection Agency

Pet Related:

Pet allergies

Dangerous Dog Toy (Please Read)

Why do dogs eat rocks?

Snake Safe Training
If you or anyone you know likes to  hike, walk, hunt with a dog or just have a pet dog and would like to be confident that your dog will not get bit by a rattle snake, then this Snake Safe Training is the best option available to protect your dog form knowingly going near one. Additionally, when you or a family member is with a snake safe trained dog, you're also with an early warning system that lets you know when a rattlesnake is near. This training is open to the public and for all ages of dogs. Sunday's class is overflow only. This is a 2 hour class, once your dog has attended it is trained for life. A portion of the fee will go to support the Animal Concepts Foundation a K-9 rescue facility.
Pre-Registration Required / $85.00 per Dog
Unified Fire Authority
3950 South 8000 West
Magna, UT 84044
For Information and Registration Contact:
Karen Davis
(435) 224-3227

Food Related:
Gluten Free Foods (Grandpa's Kitchen)

Recall Related:
Six companies recall blinds, shades after deaths

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